Major Security Consulting & Design

Welcome! Thank you for visiting us. MAJOR is a professional security consultation firm providing comprehensive service in a variety of disciplines – security design, public safety consulting, education & training and evaluations.

WHY MAJOR? These are our corporate values.

  • “This is what the cutting edge looks like”. We offer the latest “best practices” security solutions for your individual circumstance.
  • “Experience cannot be taught – it can only be earned”. We have over 100 years of public safety service in protecting people, places and things.
  • “Practitioners Who Teach”. We have advanced university degrees and serve as faculty at major Virginia universities.
  • “Making the Connections”. We have extensive, long term relationships in the public safety, security, academic and design world.
  • “The Company You Keep”. Our Teaming partners are leaders in their field and provide world class service.
  • “The Major Way”. We treat your project as our ONLY project. Our design process utilizes design charrettes, client involvement, constant 2-way feedback and internal reviews coupled with post-project follow-up. We are not finished the project until you are satisfied.
  • “Money Talks”. Our process and experience saves YOU money – security done right, at the right time, the right way and at the right price. Every effort is made to eliminate retrofit costs, excessive security equipment purchases and overall costs.
  • “We Listen”. We work for you – period.
  • "We Did That!” - Responsibility & Accountability are our guides. We are proud of the work we do for you and fully guarantee the best service and results that are possible.