Reference Testimonial

Letter of Reference for Michael Jones – President of Major Security Consulting & Design LLC


I hereby offer the following for consideration regarding Michael (Mike) Jones PREVIOUS position as Director of Security Consulting for William H. Gordon Associates, Inc. (Gordon). During my tenure as CEO for Gordon, I hired and directly supervised Mike from August 1st, 2007 until I stepped down from the position in late January of 2014. As Director of Security Consulting. Mike was a full time senior management level employee of Gordon.

Mike was instrumental to Gordon in the establishment of our security consulting services offerings. His extensive law enforcement experience and commitment to the promotion of crime prevention strategies are reflected in Gordon’s unique proactive approach to security planning and implementation.

This approach was developed based on Mike’s insights regarding the critical value of stakeholder input and the utilization of effective procedures.

Mike’s commitment to crime prevention through effective security practices is reflected time and again during numerous engagements where he provides quality security assessments for client facilities. Whether government, commercial, or educational facilities, Mike ensures that the unique operational needs of the facility are recognized in order to identify a security posture for the facility without compromising its purpose. Mike understands that to achieve this goal, a facility must embrace the principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) during the earliest stages of facility upgrades or development.

It was an honor and privilege to work with Mike for over the last 7 years and I would embrace any opportunity to do so again in the future. His principled approach and commitment to service are reflected in all that he does. I can highly recommend his new company as a provider of top quality security consulting services.


Steven Hulsey, P.E.

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